OIC 3D 20 - Online International Conference on Additive Manufacturing

Welcome to OIC 3D 20! Free registration! 

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Welcome to OIC 3D 20 - Online International Conference on Additive Manufacturing! Your registration is free!   If you receive a billing statement, disregard this communication.


The first International Online Conference on Additive Manufacturing (OIC 3D 20) takes place on 17 and 18 June, organized by professors from the State University of Ponta Grossa (UEPG).  Registration to participate is free and can be done through the website, through the link.  The event seeks to bring together professionals from industry, academia, additive manufacturing in general and also customers of 3D printing solutions through speeches by specialists, with opportunity for questions.

 Professor Benjamin de Melo Carvalho explains that the idea for the event arose from the project to produce facial protectors via 3D printers.  “Initially, we thought about having a face-to-face event in the region when the current Covid-19 situation improved.  But, we realized that an online conference would be better.  So, the event stopped being local to become international ”, he recalls.

 Benjamim points out that this is an extremely challenging moment for countries, companies, institutions, health professionals, other professionals and also for each individual.  “In the face of this Covid-19 crisis, which requires quick and low-cost responses, we see additive manufacturing standing out across the globe in developing solutions to minimize the risk of contamination to healthcare professionals.  In order to respond quickly to the challenges and opportunities of this moment, the initiative to organize ICO 3D 20 was born ”, he says.

 The congress gathers specialists from additive manufacturing in the areas of polymers (FDM and SLA), metals and ceramics, with guests from Brazilian and international companies and research institutions.    Follow the schedule on the website.

 Text: disclosure (adapted by Vanessa Hrenechen) Photo: Vanessa Hrenechen

Organizing Committee

Benjamim de Melo Carvalho, Ph.D.

João Carlos Gomes, Ph.D.

Maurício Zadra Pacheco, Ph.D.

Miguel Archanjo de Freitas  Junior, Ph.D.